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ProScience is a movement that wants to revolutionize the fitness world through scientific knowledge applied to the development of products that add value to the improvement of body composition. Likewise, it motivates all people to maintain a healthy lifestyle since its premise is to create a community that makes more conscious decisions regarding: food, supplementation, physical activity and health.


Facilitate and support new product launch initiatives, product line expansions, as well as the introduction of special editions and market penetration in new Latin American countries such as MEXICO AND ECUADOR. Through a meticulous digital advertising strategy in META.


We conducted a thorough market analysis to understand current trends, consumer preferences and competition in the target countries. This allowed us to identify market opportunities. Once we were clear about the market, we developed a solid product strategy, which included the design of creative and development of new advertising targets, as well as the planning of special editions and the expansion of existing product lines.

Simultaneously, we implemented a digital marketing strategy focused on the targeted Latin American countries. We use various digital advertising tools and platforms, such as social media, geo-localized advertising, to effectively reach our target audience and generate interest in our products.

Finally, we continuously tracked the performance of the strategy by monitoring key performance indicators and gathering feedback from the market.

The results of our work were extraordinary. We experienced an impressive 40% increase in awareness of new brand launches among our target audience. In addition, we were able to increase sales of new products in the E-Commerce channel by 30%, evidencing the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional strategies. Finally, we are pleased to report that we achieved an effective penetration of 70% in new markets or countries, confirming the success of our international expansion strategy. These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, as well as to the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

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