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The National Navy, through its HAZTE MARINO strategy, invites young Colombians at the high school, technical and/or technological level, giving them the opportunity to draw a life project through various entry programs. These programs are adapted to the academic level with which the young people present themselves as well as to their individual aspirations. The initiative welcomes committed men and women, endowed with conviction, discipline and honor, providing them with a comprehensive humanistic education. Beyond simply exercising a profession, the National Navy seeks to instill in them a vocation and a way of life as future Officers and Warrant Officers.


To register a minimum of 1,500 young people through digital strategies 50% Organic - 50% in advertising under a set budget, maintaining a constant flow of applicants to ensure the constant incorporation into the ranks of the institution.


IGNIWEB takes on the strategic management of the digital campaign, optimizing ads and constantly monitoring results. Thanks to this approach focused on optimization and continuous improvement, we exceeded by 70% the established goal of registrations and reduced the CPA by 60%. In addition, we assume an active role as community managers in social networks, making sure to maintain a dynamic and participative presence that generates interaction and trust between young applicants and our institution.

On the other hand, we take full advantage of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionalities to efficiently manage our contact database, allowing us to personalize our interactions and follow-ups more effectively. By bringing these two key pieces together, our digital strategy becomes more comprehensive and powerful, allowing us not only to attract new registrations, but also to cultivate long-term relationships with young people interested in joining the National Navy. In this way, we ensured a constant flow of applicants, which is fundamental for the Institution.

This work guaranteed a greater promotion and outreach of the National Navy's programs, thus ensuring the recruitment of young people committed to the maritime vocation and service to the nation.

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