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The Governor's Office of Risaralda and Cotelco Risaralda have established a strategic collaboration with the objective of implementing various digital marketing strategies to promote hiking as a tourist, cultural, environmental, sports and wellness activity throughout the Department of Risaralda. This joint project seeks to highlight the many positive aspects of hiking and its contribution to the integral development of the region, thus fostering greater knowledge and appreciation for the natural and cultural resources that Risaralda has to offer.


Create a comprehensive campaign to promote hiking in Risaralda, including the production of a promotional video and reductions, highlighting four locations among the twenty-five trails; execute an advertising campaign on social networks; and develop an interactive digital tourist guide. The objective is to effectively coordinate these activities to effectively promote hiking in the region.


IGNIWEB deployed a communications strategy in successive phases to maximize the visibility and reach of the program.

In the first phase, a meticulous visit to the 25 trails in 11 municipalities of the department of Risaralda, designated by the Governor's Office, was carried out. During this stage, images, videos, testimonials and aerial shots were captured, in addition to a detailed scanning of the routes to collect crucial data such as altitude, level of difficulty and distance, thus contributing to the creation of an interactive map.

In the second phase, a content strategy was executed for 6 months, implemented in a grid of 30 monthly contents that promoted the 25 trails. The beauty of the landscapes in each municipality, its rich biodiversity and the culture rooted in the region were highlighted. Through the creation of captivating audiovisual content for COTELCO RISARALDA's social networks, we were able to increase the engagement of the account by 30% with respect to the movement of months prior to the campaign.

As an integral part of this initiative in the third phase, a digital and interactive Guide was delivered that provided detailed information on the 25 trails, presenting their distinctive characteristics and allowing detailed navigation through each of them. This phase strengthened the user experience by anticipating and presenting in an accessible way the treasures awaiting on each route, 25 technical sheets were delivered.

The fourth phase culminated with the production of a promotional video that condensed the essence of hiking in this department, supported by testimonies of representative characters for hiking in Risaralda. This series of coordinated and strategic actions made it possible to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of hiking in Risaralda, consolidating its position as an outstanding tourist destination and impacting more than 2,000 hikers at the international tourism congress held in November in the city of Pereira.

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