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Project Details

Eleven Pro is a company from Quindiana (CO) that stands out for its commitment to the design and manufacture of a wide range of sports apparel. Specializing in cycling, fitness training, trail running and triathlon, it offers products that incorporate the latest technologies and the best features to ensure maximum performance and comfort for its customers.


Design and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with the objective of boosting sales and conversions in the post-pandemic digital arena. This initiative focuses on the creation of a 360° strategy, aimed at increasing the percentage of online sales through social networks, the website, the call center and official distributors. It also includes the support of professional product photography to enrich and enhance the user experience across all digital channels.


To address this challenge, Igniweb devised a comprehensive solution that covered all aspects necessary to boost sales and conversions in the post-pandemic digital environment. This included the creation of an innovative campaign concept, a content strategy adapted to different digital platforms, an effective advertising and content distribution strategy, as well as WhatsApp sales training for official distributors and the sales team. These combined actions managed to significantly boost Eleven Pro's sales and conversions in the digital environment.

With this structured work, a remarkable 30% increase in sales through the E-commerce channel was recorded, reflecting a significant improvement in the effectiveness of online sales. In addition, the WhatsApp channel experienced a 90% increase in inquiries received, highlighting its growing importance as a preferred means of communication for customers. In parallel, the brand achieved a 25% increase in its follower base, evidencing solid and steady growth in its social media presence. These results indicate significant progress in the company's marketing and sales strategy.

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Improved sales through the E-commerce channel
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