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Colombian Gastronomic Events Network


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The Colombian Gastronomic Events Network, promoted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism through its COLOMBIA A LA MESA strategy, is a strategic initiative for the effective coordination of efforts, themes and resources. Its primary objective is to achieve a synergy that enhances the competitiveness of gastronomic events and strengthens the positioning of Colombia's culinary wealth.


Develop specialized content on Colombian gastronomy as a tourism product for the website and mobile app of the program and the administration of social networks of the network of gastronomic events in Colombia, in addition to new developments and specialized technical maintenance of the website, social networks and the application for Android operating systems and those of the network of gastronomic events in Colombia.


IGNIWEB assumes responsibility for the comprehensive management of social networks, implementing a robust positioning strategy focused on content. This strategy involves the management of a dynamic content grid, with a total of 30 monthly publications (video Reels, Stories, Blogs, Video Testimonials). Through key channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we effectively promote the various gastronomic events held in the six regions of Colombia.

All of this is meticulously synchronized with the constant updating of the official website and mobile app of the gastronomic events network. The results speak for themselves: in a period of 2 years, we have experienced an impressive 50% increase in the number of followers on our social networks. In addition, visits to promoted events have increased significantly, registering a 30% increase. In collaboration with our partners and organizers, we have managed to add more than 40 new gastronomic events over the 24 months of our contract, thus strengthening the network's offer and relevance throughout the country.

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